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Tip Of The Week: 4 Easy Options to Screen Capture or Screen Record on your Mac

Reading Time: 2 minutes

One thing that I’ve found extremely cool on the Mac is the screen printing and recording functionality.  There are so many built-in options available to you. Here are the 4 options you can use to quickly capture or record your screen on the Mac.

#1 Capture Entire Screen

shift + cmd(⌘) + 3

This keyboard combo will take a screenshot of the active monitor (where your mouse cursor is at that moment).

#2 Capture Portion

shift + cmd(⌘) + 4

This action turns your mouse into a cross-hair, which you can click then drag, creating a snipping / snag it like functionality.

#3 Capture Selected Window

Start off with the same keyboard combo like #2

shift + cmd(⌘) + 4

Then hit the space bar (space).

This will turn your cursor into a camera.  Move your cursor around and you’ll see that it highlights the nearest window.  You can move from window to window until your one the one you want to capture.  When you’re ready, click your mouse and the screen will be captured.  You’ll even get the rounded corners of the window… which is awesome.

#4 Capture or Record

shift + cmd(⌘) + 5

At first, this option appears to produce the same result as #3 but in reality, you are in screen recording mode.  Before you do anything look at the bottom of the screen and you see a set of options, which will allow you to screen capture portions of the window like options 1-3 above, or start recording, which is the default.

If you accidentally, clicked your mouse, you’re actively recording your screen.   To stop recording, you can click an icon which looks a little like the Uber icon in the upper menu bar.    I think it’s supposed to resemble a stop icon like on older VCR’s.

Prior to starting a recording, you can set some options with the floating toolbar that appeared at the bottom of your screen.

  1. Record the Entire Screen (which is all your monitors at once)
  2. Record a Selected Portion
  3. Record a specific monitor (use the Record option on the far right to select the monitor)

You also have some recording options such as:

  1. The default location to store the recording when done.  It defaults to the desktop
  2. A delay start
  3. Which (if any) microphone to use
  4. Showing the icon clicks


Until next time, have fun with these amazing screen tools!