Hashflare 10% off sale until Feb 18th

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Even though crypto currencies aren’t skyrocketing, they’re at least holding their own right now.  Since I’ve been getting a lot of questions about cloud-mining I thought I’d share the love and let everyone know that Hashflare has 10% off coupon code which is good till Feb 18th.  So if you were planning on buying purchasing a could mining contract, here’s your chance to save a little more money.

The code is: HF18SVALDAY

How to redeem

  1. Login or setup your account.
  2. Click the shopping cart icon (Buy Hashrate)
  3. Select which type of crypto you want to mine (see more info below on the best deals)
  4. Use the slider to select how much you want to purchase.  It will show the hashrate and how much USD or BTC it will cost
  5. Click Proceed
  6. Click the Redeem code button
    • This will display an area to enter a coupon code
    • Use the HF18SVALDAY
  7. Select Payment.  You can pay with
    • Credit card
    • Bitcoin (from your wallet)
    • Bitcoin (from what you’ve already mined).  I choose this option since I already had bitcoin mined under my current account
    • Check the confirm (box), Click the confirm button
  8. Based on your payment options, you may have a couple of steps after
    • With a credit card you’ll need to enter your information and possibly enter an auth code or a value from that shows up in the transaction on your online statement.  If you need to do this, you may need to wait up to an hour before it appears on your online statement of your credit card
    • For a bitcoin wallet, you’ll need to initiate a wallet transfer
    • If you are paying with money in your hashflare account (with bitcoin you’ve already mined) then your done at this point

Here’s a break down of the contract pricing over the last couple of months.  With the price drop, Scrypt (aka litecoin) mining seems to be the best bang for the buck!  To get an idea of how much you can earn, go to this page .  Enter in the amount you want to invest and you can see a break down of the what you can earn per day, week, month, 3 months, 6 month and 1 year.  Since hashflare does a 1 year contract, that’s the best the way to review your ROI.  They show your ROI / income with a low to high range.  Based on my experience you want to base your decision on the low end.  Also take that number and subtract your original investment.  For example, say you invest $500 in scrypt (litecoin).  As of this writing the it will give a low of 970.70 – 1240.33$ or 0.09 – 0.11 BTC.  I’d use the lower number of 970 and subtract your original investment amount of $500.  This gives you a profit of $470.00

MonthSHA-256 (bitcoin)Scrypt (litecoin)ETHASH (ethereum)X11 (dash)EQUIHASH (zcash)
2017-12-01$1.50 / 10 GH/s$7.50 - 1 MH/s$2.20 / 100 KH/s$3.20 - 1 MH/s$2.00 - 1000 mH/s
2017-12-15$2.20 - 10 GH/s
(Price Increase)
$7.50 - 1 MH/s$2.20 / 100 KH/s$3.20 - 1 MH/s$2.00 - 1000 mH/s
2018-01-01$2.20 - 10 GH/s$7.50 - 1 MH/s$2.20 / 100 KH/sNo Longer Available$2.00 - 1000 mH/s
2018-02-01$2.20 - 10 GH/s$7.50 - 1 MH/s$2.20 / 100 KH/sNo Longer Available$2.00 - 1000 mH/s
2018-02-01$2.20 - 10 GH/s$4.20 - 1 MH/s
(+40% decrease)
$2.20 / 100 KH/sNo Longer Available$2.00 - 1000 mH/s

One thing to note about Scrypt mining.  When you mine Script (litecoin) you are still payed in bitcoin.  I don’t know why that is and that may change in the future.  Just keep that in mind.

How to get paid

Once you start mining, you will need to have somewhere to transfer your crypto currenecy.  Don’t worry you can do this after purchasing a contract.  Besides that, depending on how much you sign up for, it might take a while to generate enough to meet the minimum withdraws.  The minimum withdraws are mainly there to keep the transfer fees down.  Plus any time you update your outgoing wallets, they put a outgoing transfer hold on your account for 2 weeks.  While this may seem like an inconvenience it’s actually a nice security feature.  This way if anyone hacks into your account they can’t drain all your crypto currency.

Happy mining!