Dreaming of Bitcoin – Literally

Reading Time: 3 minutes


I’m dreaming about bitcoin.  Oh sweet bitcoin.  Oh bitter sweet bitcoin, I curse you because now I’m waking up from those dreams and racking my brain how to ride the wave before it crashes or moves too far out of reach.

Today is a prefect case in point. I woke up at 4am which isn’t completely unusual.  However after a quick bathroom break, I couldn’t fall back asleep.  I’ve had several things on my mind lately and this morning it was racing.  My latest brain worm was/is bitcoin.

How did this happen?

For a little back story, I got into bitcoin by accident a couple of years back.  In early 2015 my local monthly luncheon group does a lottery pool when the value reaches the plus 400 million range.  Since I was the organizer of the luncheon that year (we have different chairman’s every so often), I took it upon myself to collect the money and buy the tickets.  I sent out an email letting everyone new about a new pool starting.  Collections were simple.   Show up at the meeting and give me cash, or anyone tech savvy could send me money via paypal.  But of course there was one individual (we’ll call him David) who wanted to know if he could send me bitcoin.  At this point I didn’t have a bitcoin wallet or online account, but thought sure, why not, I’ve heard of it and I’m a tech guy so I really should have one anyway.  – right?  So, I quickly set up a coinbase account and replied to the email with my wallet address where they could send bitcoin.  

BTW – If you don’t have a coinbase account and you’d like an extra $10 bucks in bitcoin, you can use the link on the side bar or (click here) to sign up for an account.  Once you deposit (buy) or if you sell $100 you get $10 in your account.  Basically an extra 10% but a max of $10.

David sent the money via bitcoin, several others used paypal and the rest showed up with cold hard cash at the meeting.  Ok this was cool.  I now have a bitcoin account.  No big deal… or so I thought.

David was supposed to send me 80 bucks for his portion of the lotto tickets.  I was actually $40 for him and $40 for someone else. Either way at the end of the day I would get 80 bucks.  Well what I didn’t totally understand (at that moment in time) was how bitcoin fluctuates.  The $80 I was supposed to get instantly turned into $79.92.  I know it was only a 8 cents but somehow I felt swindled, short changed, boonswaggled. 

I wasn’t actually mad but now I had some good material to use against Dave.  You see, David is in the banking business and is always chatting up how bitcoin is going to change the world (if the banking industry could just get behind it).  This was all fine and good with me, except at this point in time I see that my $80 has turned into $79 and change and by the next week in was in the low $70’s.  Everytime I saw David I gave him shit about bitcoin. “Oh what a great thing this was.  Yeah, if I wanted to screw people out of money” – again this was more in jest.  That was 2015 when bitcoin was somewhere around $700 per bitcoin.  Today as of this writing it’s $17,799.99.  So, in 2015 when 0.17896 bitcoins was worth 79.92, today that same amount is worth $3,185.49.  

Unfortunately, I didn’t buy more bitcoin (at that time)…. man, did miss out.  If I would have just bought a few hundred dollars worth or even a thousand, I could have paid off the house, gotten a new car, etc, etc.   The good news is, I never took it out.  Once I saw how it fluctuated, I decided I’d wait to bet my 8 cents back and then some.  Shortly after that it started to increase on a regular interval.  Yes it had some ups and downs but it was continuing to go up.

Ok, I have more to say but it’s now 6:11 am and I have to shower, walk the dogs and head to work.  We’ll pick this up later.  Damn, I wish I would have bought more bitcoin!