Can bitcoin make you smarter?

Reading Time: 2 minutes


Bitcoin is everywhere!  It’s in the news, on your facebook feed, discussed at the dinner table, it’s everywhere. At some point, seeing it (or hearing it) day after day after day will eventually peak your interest.  What is bitcoin? How does it work? Is bitcoin something I should use?

You may find the answers to your questions by discussing it with friends, reading some books or discovering articles like the ones on this site.  As you accumulate this new information, then I’ll wager, yes, bitcoin has made you smarter.  Why?  It’s not just about bitcoin, it’s about the things that make bitcoin work.

Here’s a quick test.   I’m guessing that one year ago most of you had never heard of bitcoin, block chain, alt coins, bitcoin wallets, etc, let alone known the meaning of them.  However, today, you’ve at least heard of them and quite possibly have enough knowledge to explain them to your family and friends.

The bitcoin era, whether it’s a fad or revolution may quite possibly change the way you, your friends, parents or children interact with the world.   Even if crypto currency by itself doesn’t change the world, I believe the technology behind it will become more and more provalent in the years to come.

For example, healthcare companies are looking to use block chain technology as a way to keep track of your healthcare history.  This could be the future of healthcare, and it all started with the bitcoin and it’s unique way of tracking data (money) that belongs to you.

Block chains and their associated currency (crypto or not) can be linked to smart contracts which can be used in personal agreements, car loans, mortgages etc.  Sooner or later the technology used here will find its way into several facets of your everyday life.

So yes, the bottom line is, bitcoin (or rather learning about it) can make you smarter and it’s worth looking into.  If you are in the software development profession, I say get out there and learn all you can about bitcoin, block chain and public/private key encryption.  I truly believe it will be an important part of your professional career.